The most central and densely populated section of a city. The term is sometimes used as an indirect way of indicating that the residents are predominantly African-American.

The phenomenon happens because people with more money usually want to live on the edge of town, away from the crowded parts. But the population grows, and eventually the edge is now the middle, and a new edge is created, and the inner part grows. Kind of funny how human nature makes it happen.

In Europe the inner city is often the oldest part of the town, which contains (unless destroyed by wars or conflagrations) many churches, half-timbered or classicist houses, market-places, shops, pedestrian precincts, narrow alleys, museums, operas, parliaments and a palace or two (depending on the town, of course :). Living there is expensive. The lower class lives in some hastly build-up suburbs.

Of course, if you rely on this description while visiting Europe, you will only find cities not matching it.

A detroit techno group which was built around Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey. Inner City took the more house kind of approach to Techno, their first and most known track is Big Fun (written by Kevin Saunderson, Paris Grey, James Pennington, A. Forrest), released in 1986. Other remarkable tracks include Good Life, Hallelujah, Pennies From Heaven, Praise. Inner City always have had a positive message in their music, has Kevin Saunderson told. This group is still producing music every now and then and they have been remixed by numerous people since 1986. James Pennington, who co-produced Big Fun is nowadays known as Suburban Knight and he records for the well known Underground Resistance label in Detroit.

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