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Article 26 and the war against Iraq
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A statement due to The Other Everything Copyright Problem:

All my writeups are - of course - copyrighted by me. You are allowed to use them for any purpose as long as you are neither aiming to earn money with it for you or somebody else nor earning money with it even without aiming. Purposes that only very indirectly help you to earn money (e.g. looking something up while at the job, learning for exams, entertaining yourself to be cool at a job interview, ... :) are considered fair use. You are especially forbidden to use my writeups for any other Everything2-like knowledge collection, be it on the web, on paper or by other means.

The maintainers of Everything2 are explicitly allowed to earn money with my writeups in any way (e.g. by putting banner ads on the pages or by selling edited versions of the database to selling customers) as long as the basic information (i.e. the writeups) remains available for free to everyone on the web and proper reference is given.