Girlboy is a project, stored on, that was inspired by Dakota of and started by nictate in ~September 2000. The girlboy website has a story which explains the origins of the lovely girlboy phenomenon:

once upon a time, there was a boy named dakota. dakota wanted a girl. don't all boys want girls? well, some boys want boys, but all boys and girls want somebody. hence this page...girlboy.

so, yes. once there was a boy named dakota who wanted a girl. so he wrote a list about her. that list inspired a girl to make a list about a boy she would like. her list inspired another boy to make a list about a girl he would like. and so on and so on.... then so many people wrote lists, she decided there needed to be a special place to hold them all. hence...girlboy.diaryland was born!

For the first year or so, nictate posted girlboy lists which she had received by e-mail (sent in by readers and/or visitors of the site), until grew and changed and produced a public posting capability. Now diaryland users can post their lists themselves (which has obviously changed the atmosphere of the project just a little). Hopefully it will continue to expand, and maybe it will unite similarly-minded people for a long while yet.

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