A fun little Christmas duet, in which a boy and girl lament the gender-specific toys they always find under the Christmas tree:

I got dolls with silken sashes
And I tore out their eyelashes
Mom would wonder if I was evil
When I'd covet my brother's Knievel

Christmastime is filled with joy
But only if you're a little boy...

I got a rocket and a firetruck
How I always curse my luck
I never wanted trains or trolleys
All I wanted was paper dollies

Christmastime around the world
Is only good if you're a little girl...

We never got what we wanted
'Cause what we really wanted is each other's presents.
This may seem bad or just plain silly --
We could change the tag from Sally to Billy!
  (Billy to Sally...)

I think we know now how we can be happy
We found a way to fool Mommy and Daddy
In some years we'll run into messes
When you start wanting to wear my dresses...

(From Christmas In Stereo, a hard-to-find compilation posted to alt.binaries.sounds.mp3 a while ago. The song is by My First Keyboard (http://www.elephant6.com/bands/keyboard.html).)

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