The eurodisco song that shot British band Blur into international (indie) recognition. From the seminal 90s album "Parklife" which became the soundtrack of choice for football thugs and pubs around the UK.

"When God made boys,
He made them out of string,
He had a little extra
So he left a little thing

When God made girls,
He made them out of lace,
He ran a little short,
So he left a little space"
Origin unknown

(This remark refers to the Blur song noded above)

People from New Zealand will instantly remember this song from all the vodafone commercials (a cellular services provider) where various cartoon characters used text messaging to communicate their vast desires to each other, using text message abbreviations.

Given that this became one of those annoying commercials that appears at least 50 times each day, most people would not react that favourably when they heard this song.

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