"gadzooks" is a term that somewhat relates to damn or dammit. came from the original "god's hooks," meaning god's hands. it was common to swear by parts of god. another similar term would be "zounds"

A chain of retail stores incorporated in Texas in the 1980s. In the mid-to-late '80s, Gadzooks stores would pop up in shopping malls and blow everyone away with how cool they were: lots of their early business revolved around selling skateboards and skateboard accessories. They also sold clothes, but they were clothes that wouldn't make you feel like either a nerd or a fashion sell-out--lots of funny T-shirts and general Coolwear.

But then...success struck! Gadzooks stores were wildly popular with teenagers of all social classes, and the owners decided that they really liked success. How could they become even more successful? Well, get rid of all that skater crap for a start--it didn't bring in that much money, and the more affluent teens were sometimes scared off by skaters and punks. Next, bring in the more expensive, more fashionable, more popular brands of clothing. Redecorate the stores to make them more hip. Hire hip teens to sell the hip clothes.

And suddenly, Gadzooks was just another shallow mall clothing store.

The last straw: walking into a Gadzooks several years ago with a fat wad of cash I got for Christmas and realizing that (A) there was nothing in the store I could wear without looking like a mindless plastic frat-rat and (B) the salesgirls were too busy doing their nails and flirting with mindless plastic frat-rats to help me find the clothes I wanted to buy. I walked out and spent my money on stuff from Penney's. Yeah, it was all geeky, but it was more affordable, and the sales staff didn't treat me like a freak.

And as of 2003, the chain has jettisoned clothing for guys and become just another mall store for shallow girls, which suggests to me that the end for Gadzooks is only a few years away. There are already lots of clothing stores with merchandise for shallow girls in the mall, and Gadzooks doesn't do anything to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Besides, half of the people who went into Gadzooks stores before, went in to look at all the funny T-shirts they sold. Without those, they don't have as much walk-in traffic, which translates into fewer impulse customers, which translates into the company going belly-up eventually.

"God's hooks" could also refer to the nails used in the crucifixion.

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