1999 album by Beck.

I gott this album from a kid I know. He handed it to me when I was bored on a bus trip and complaining of nothing to do. After I listened to the forty minute disc, I pressed play again. Eighty minutes turned into two hours, at which point we arrived at wherever we were going. I handed the CD back to the kid and he told me to keep it. He gave me the tattered liner notes, held together with staples. I thanked him and listened to it again.

I now own several albums by Beck: Mellow Gold, Mutations, and Odelay. He's a weird artist, to be sure, but he's one of the most unique artists I've heard. That's a good thing.

Critics have labelled this album Soul, Funk, Rock, Hip-Hop, Techno, just about every genre they can think of. I don't know what to call it other than Beck. Ask any Beck fan and they'll say the same. This album defies labels so profoundly I'm not even sure how I would go about describing any of it, so I'll just leave it up to you to listen. If you're a fan of Beck's style, get it now... of course, if you're a fan of Beck at all you already have it.

  1. Sexx Laws
  2. Nicotine & Gravy
  3. Mixed Bizness
  4. Get Real Paid
  5. Hollywood Freaks
  6. Peaches & Cream
  7. Broken Train
  8. Milk & Honey
  9. Beautiful Way
  10. Pressure Zone
  11. Debra

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