Another problem with evil minions is the issue of recruitment. Given the high fatality rate of the job, it is a long and often tiresome search that taxes overlords on a more than regular basis. For this reason, to truly mastermind evildoing AND properly maintain a horde of evil minions, it is necessity to outsource the hiring and maitenance of said minions.

First and foremost, have a good headhunter. This is a very important part of aquiring minions because if you don't start with the best, you end up with, well, crap. although headhunters can be expensive, the lasting value should be considered, especially when you're storming a castle and your poorly trained minions get covered in boiling oil. Once you have experienced this type of embarassment, you will give a headhunter serious consideration.

Proper maitenance of your minions is also essential. Since this is in itself a daunting task, I also suggest the aquisition of a Human Resources department. These organizations are rekowned for their ability to cripple the self-esteem of any race while maintaining a highly productive and cost-efficient workforce. With HR in place, Evildoers can devote their precious thinking power to more noble tasks, such as raping, pillaging, and taking over small defenseless countries.

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