error 404 is a common occurrence throughout the Internet, though I've noticed it rarely happens in E2. The web browser comes to a URL that may or may not have existed at one time and may or may not exist in the future, but at the second you clicked to it, that server tells your browser it cannot be found. Although initially the 404 error was designed to assist in web browsing, minimizing the time spent on dead ends, it has over the years caused no end of consternation for many. It is frustrating to be looking for something and then told what you seek cannot be found.

Many servers just have a pat response which is sent to your browser, and a very boring 404 error appears. However, some more creative minds have taken the 404 error and turned it into a kind of game, or maybe just a medium for artistry. One website even has the entire code for the text-based game Zork built into its 404 error page, so you can play the game online right there in the 404 error. Other servers are told to send to your browser a funny picture or an astute saying to commemorate your arrival upon this virtual desert of destination. Some examples of 404 error pages are sheer brilliance, but finding them are few and far between, and it's difficult to find an example that would apply well inside a node such as this. I can't recreate the most exquisite and charming. You'll have to go out there and find them for yourself. Still, there is one little place which has a mildly interesting 404 error which I can utilize herein for purposes of demonstration.

The following is a list of 404 error jokes offered by the AngelFire Internet Service when you try to access the following URL,, or any other similar page which no longer exists. However, besides getting one of the one-liners in the list below, the page itself is nothing interesting. In fact, it's got a banner ad, so the joke errors are probably so idiots like me will come along and inadvertently boost AngelFire's stats trying to see all the jokes. So I made a list of them and put them here, so you don't have to go to AngelFire and hit 'refresh' on your browser repeatedly. You're welcome. Each of the one-liners are accompanied by: "Actually, we couldn't find the page you requested. Please check the URL." So if it helps to find the humor in a given line below, just reread that after reading the joke, and maybe you won't lose out on the comic timing.

For even more fun with 404 error pages, check out the 404 Research Lab at Bon apetit!

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