I took a typing class in high school and despite being the only college prep student in a class full of general and vo-tech kids, it was one of the most useful classes I took.

Knowing how to type is an invaluable skill if you're a computer professional. Since the keyboard is still the primary means of interaction with the computer, fast, accurate typing means you get more done, and are able to crush your enemies with panache. Also, good typing posture means less carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and general pain from typing.

Of course, I went to school when typing was still taught on electric typewriters so I also learned a lot of useless things like setting tab stops and formatting paper documents. But, I transferred the basic typing prowess to the computer and never looked back. Perhaps the best sense of satisfaction from the class was doing as well as the best secretarial students. I think that made the teacher a bit mad, since I was the nerdy college prep geek who wasn't supposed to care about things like this. I'm showing her now.

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