13:40:52: mblase: EDEV: Hmm. Cool Archive needs a printable version

13:51:32: sleeping wolf: EDEV: (Cool Archive printable) Adding &displaytype=printable will summon a printable version. What is needed is for the link to be there so that you don't need to be a URL nut...

14:24:34: JayBonci: EDEV: I think that Page of Cool would also be a good candidate for the displaytype=printable Link. Can someone add a displaytype=xml link underneath the printable for edev people?

14:27:30: sleeping wolf: EDEV: I personally think that the printable link should just be wedged into the superdoc displaypage. That way we won't have to think about it *ever again*. As for displaytype=XML, I'm not certain that's useful. viewcode works from the nodelet.

14:43:39: JayBonci: EDEV: s_w: What would be wrong with displaytype printable as being a part of your epicenter. It works in like all the documents, right?

14:51:45: mblase: EDEV: another peeve: why don't printable version pages link to other printable versions? I'm thinking some surfers would like to get their entire E2 experience without anything but the content.

14:56:45: JayBonci: EDEV: mblase: The problem here that is that E2 doesn't have an extremely light theme... displaytype=printable is for printing a page, so that it looks nicely. That's all. It's not meant for hardcore surfers.

14:59:40: mblase: EDEV: but surely it wouldn't be too hard to take the linknode() function and add a check for displaytype=printable ?

15:00:16: mblase: EDEV: I'm thinking specifically of people who might want to access E2 in whole or in part on a handheld.

15:14:48: JayBonci: EDEV: That really ought to be a theme, rather than a displaytype, no?

20:18:12: yerricde: EDEV: We can't really let people surf in printable, or we'll lose banner ad revenue. I suggest a theme that looks like printable but carries text advertising similar to Google's AdWords.

20:20:16: waterhouse: EDEV: speaking of banner ads, doesn't ekw have any?

21:12:58: ailie: EDEV: ekw does not have banner ads at this point because, as it says at the top, the theme is still in development. :)

21:21:22: waterhouse: EDEV: i didn't know that exempted it from ads.

21:30:29: donfreenut: EDEV: Remember, each ad banner-less pageload costs nate and EDC approximately $12,000 in revenue.

21:34:58: BlakJak: EDEV: $12,000 per pageload? That doesn't seem to make sense.

21:37:13: Byzantine: EDEV: Yeah, it must be at least $30,000

21:43:36: waterhouse: EDEV: yea but each pageload with banner makes them about 150k. so its alright.

21:52:04: BlakJak: EDEV: /me is confused. There must be hundreds of thousands of "pageloads" going on every day on E2.

21:52:33: anotherone: EDEV: ailie just hasn't gotten around to putting an ad on the page, since they don't make any money from the ads anyway it doesn't matter.

21:53:46: ailie: EDEV: OK. ekw theme is based on default theme. Default theme has no banner ad, ergo ekw theme has no banner ad. Yet. Once it's "finished" I will speak with nate about banner ads. Everyone happy?

21:54:56: m_turner: EDEV: can we get a theme with pictures of the gods doing silly things like in perl monks? *whine* *duck*

22:30:15: Randofu: EDEV: Did anyone see my comment earlier about making a user's homenode appear using -their- theme? Is that possible? I don't know when themes are applied and if they can be decided based on the node type or not...

23:14:39: BlakJak: EDEV: Whilst I realise that anyone who cares about WNF can just use c_o_d's tracker (or calc it themselves), I think it should be displayed in the stats nodelet.

23:16:10: BlakJak: EDEV: It is an important stat (debatably a better measure of your abilities as a noder than NF), and IMHO it would be good if E2 placed a higher significance on having a high WNF

23:26:45: BlakJak: EDEV: It is an important stat (debatably a better measure of your abilities as a noder than NF), and IMHO it would be good if E2 placed a higher significance on having a high WNF

23:33:12: BlakJak: EDEV: WNF is writeup node-fu. The formula is wnf=((wu count) + (total rep of all wus) + (10 * number of c!s)) / (wu count). As you can see, it's only takes wus into account, not xp gained from other sources

23:36:56: N-Wing: EDEV: Ack! WNF would be killer to calculate, since you would need to load *all* the writeups to calculate it. Unless it was only done every week or so.

23:40:31: BlakJak: EDEV: What do you mean by "load all the wus"? Wouldn't it just be an SQL statement?

23:42:19: m_turner: EDEV: yes, but a potentialy expensive one. How long would it take to calculate the wnf for PI? Where would this be displayed or used?

23:43:50: BlakJak: EDEV: Okay I see what you mean. Perhaps it could display in the homenode, rather than the nodelet?

23:47:26: N-Wing: EDEV: Looking at node and writeup (dbtable)s, C! and rep is an int. Maybe SQL count would be pretty fast. It would be up to nate, though, since I don't know SQL.

23:48:51: BlakJak: EDEV: The stats nodelet calculates number of writeups every time it is loaded. How is getting the total rep so much worse?

23:50:29: m_turner: EDEV: the stats nodelet is updated with the tick. (I think). Even if not, the 'count()' on a properly indexed table is a very fast operation.

23:53:29: m_turner: EDEV: compare: select count from foo where noder='m_turner'; to select rep, ching from ....' (I can't think properly how to do it in sql without subqueries which mysql dosn't do well)

23:54:03: m_turner: EDEV: does 'C!' factor into the wnf at all?

23:58:04: BlakJak: EDEV: It would be SELECT sum(rep) FROM writeup WHERE noder='m_turner'. What's C! in the dbtable? A bool? m_tuner: yes it factors it

23:59:59: wonko: EDEV: Holy poop on a stick people, can we use Online Only Messages, please? I keep logging on to find my inbox clogged with crap that stopped being discussed hours ago...

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