00:00:29: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: what *is* wnf?

00:02:06: Pyrogenic: EDEV: wufu: If C!s count at all (and I don't think they should) they should count 30, since it takes 30 upvotes to gain 10 XP. Sense?

00:02:55: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: jk: Node-fu from XP gained from people voting/C!ing you, as opposed to the cheating stuff we get from casting votes.

00:09:00: BlakJak: ONO: EDEV: Pyro: I can see what you're getting at there. The wnf formula currently counts one point per reputation point, and 10 points per c!. Doesn't correlate to xp.

00:12:46: BlakJak: ONO: EDEV: And why don't you think c!s should count? WNF is intended as a measure of the quality of your wus, and a c! indicates high quality (or at least it should do)

00:18:37: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: is there a way of seeing all the dtable nodes? list nodes of type doesn't seem to offer it.

00:38:19: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: though it appears in the list yuo get when yoouo list nodes of type nodetype. Is that a bug?

10:05:51: Pyrogenic: EDEV: If there ever was an example of why C!s shouldn't factor into writeup-fu, this is it.

10:33:28: Teiresias: EDEV: Pyro C!hing of Death perchance ?

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