02:21:21: BlakJak: EDEV: Cheers to whoever put the timestamp on msgs in the Inbox - much appreciated

16:28:20: JayBonci: EDEV: Good afternoon, everyone; you may want to take a look at the Webster node Templar Why isn't it at the bottom of the node? Weird, eh?

16:31:52: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: Jan 10 2000 was a later tranche of the E1 import: any write-up from that sort of date will be underneath Webster

16:50:04: Codepie: EDEV: indeed strange. I also noticed the timestamp now has seconds in it. congrats

16:59:23: Eraser_: EDEV: when i try to parse E2's chatterbox xml ticker, i get an "error: not well formed" when i hit an 'a' tag for a hardlink in the chatterbox...why would that be?

17:07:06: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: because of an unescaped ampersand in the tag? Perhaps it should be url-escaped? What're you using to parse it?

17:08:58: JayBonci: ONO: EDEV: I'm using C to parse them in a beta client I'm writing. Eraser_: what are ya using? I'd really like to know if they are malformed or not, before i try to start pulling data out of them. Thanks

17:13:46: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: dare I raise again redoubled escaping in the XML tickers for the /msg system? I dare! I think we should escape where neccessary as the /msgs go in, then the XML tickers don't bother escaping, parsers are happy. We lose 'as is' view but who ca

17:15:28: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: res (and ONO /msgs should be allowed 3 extra chars, then you wouldn'tbe seeing this! :)

17:17:35: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: Ah. Escaping then would expand past the 256 char limit! That's why it won't work! Light dawns!

17:20:40: sleeping wolf: EDEV: (Templar) It took the admins a bit to implement Webster's feature of always sinking to the bottom of a node. If Pteryx should login in and resubmit/edit the writeup, Webster's will sink to the bottom. I can dig up the ref if needed.

17:30:29: yerricde: EDEV: Trying to view a printable version of a homenode results in "Software error: No default pages loaded. Failed on page request for 7 printable"

17:33:13: ailie: EDEV: Templar is fixed. Should you find another example of a misplaced Webster w/u, send off a message to the (Netscape-using) god of your choice.

17:36:09: VT_hawkeye: EDEV: sorry about that, folks... should have read the edevify! WU before clicking. Ignore.

21:23:03: Randofu: ONO: EDEV: Is it just me, or would it help if the Message Inbox sorted messages by group? That way, I could skip all the EDEV stuff (unless I was so inclined) and just find my personal messages?

22:37:17: JayBonci: EDEV: Randofu: You can't sort by group since there is no difference between a message to a group, and a message to you, except that it starts with "EDEV: ". unless someone wants to make a change to the way messages are sent.

22:40:34: m_turner: EDEV: you can however, filter to only /see/ messages from one paticular user/group in the message in box.

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