00:48:01: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: Re: this escaping thing - the lack of response tells me I'm probably wrong, but would anyone explain why? I'd be very grateful (and I won't mention it again!)

06:23:02: yerricde: EDEV: Guest User can turn on or off the Advice section in Epicenter. Is this a "bad thing"?

12:31:03: BlakJak: EDEV: A big thumbs up on the expanding nodelets. WTG guys.

12:32:00: BlakJak: EDEV: I'm assuming that private messages are stored with a timestamp in the db... if so, I'd like to suggest that Message Inbox display the timestamp for each msg.

12:36:10: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: BlakJak: it does - check yoour user settings

12:44:31: BlakJak: EDEV: Ouch, mucho embarrassment. Sorry bout that. However, to be pedantic, it's not implemented in Msg Inbox yet, just the cbox.

13:24:03: sleeping wolf: EDEV: I was looking at why writeup xml page doesn't work if it's your writeup and find that the problem is likely in node2xml, which does not seem to be viewable. (I'm suspecting that it needs a parameter.) Anyone know how I can see node2xml?

13:37:25: mblase: EDEV: aargh. Why can't I view the source code for User Settings, no matter what I do? (List Nodes of Type to superdoc to User settings)

14:03:34: sleeping wolf: EDEV: Adding &displaytype=viewcode to the URL when I'm at user settings works for me.

14:12:46: kaatunut: EDEV: shouldn't daylogs be made unvotable so the "daylogs = xp whoring" moans would stop? (I could of course start posting them as definition but that's cheating)

14:13:47: ailie: EDEV: People are always going to whine.

14:15:44: kaatunut: EDEV: it's justified whine. vote stripers can't write scripts to vote random nodes.

14:17:05: Gritchka: ONO: EDEV: Dem_bones said they stay as they are, and tough beans. I worry about the people who can't find anything positive to spend all their votes on. Anyway, the daylogs where I've seen votes seem to be 2/3 up, 1/3 down... (like a proton?)

14:20:00: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: Seems votedumping is the real problem - we lose value because of the distortions. Why not make it so you have to go to the writeup node (rather than the parent or container node) to vote? That would change the votedumping landscape :)

14:22:23: Byzantine: EDEV: Then normal voting would be a royal pain in the ass, in my opinion

14:27:00: Chris-O: ONO: EDEV: i agree with Byzantine, especially for noders with slow connections; loading a huge page and then having to just reload the individual w/u (with the 80 lbs. of nodelet HTML attached) would be a bit of a pain.

14:27:59: bol: EDEV: What's the problem here? Daylogs keep all the whiny, GTKY crap in a subsection of E2. It also keeps the vote-dumping in a corner. The real business of E2 goes on. And people who make their XP from dodgy daylogs get their comeuppance eventually..

14:30:49: BlakJak: EDEV: I second Byzantine's comment. In fact, I think it would be an imperial pain in the ass

14:32:23: BlakJak: EDEV: Either there is a better way to relieve our vote dumping problem, or it's something that can't be fixed and therefore must be tolerated

14:33:23: BlakJak: EDEV: Either there is a better way to relieve our vote dumping problem, or it's something that can't be fixed and therefore must be tolerated

14:34:25: JerboaKolinowski: ONO: EDEV: well, just to defend my silly idea - there are lots of places where you get the choice between (full)/(person), etc. It depends whether you think the distortions caused by dumping are worth that much pain to avoid. I'd live with it

15:07:04: proj2501: EDEV: why the HECK does the reply button in the Message Inbox have an onMouseOver event? that is SO annoying.

15:18:01: sleeping wolf: EDEV: I've just noticed that I can't use LWP::RobotUA in scripts (with its nifty auto-delay and such) due to E2's robots.txt. Is there a way that it could be possible to submit a script for being allowed via robots.txt?

16:11:04: proj2501: EDEV: never mind (so THAT's what autofill receipient does"

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