03:08: wonko says EDEV: It would be nifty if homenode images could be remote. That way people with webcams could have their cam image on their homenode...

03:16: WonkoDSane says EDEV: Ay to that, and we won't be dependent upon image service from el poparino.

03:21: Stilroc says EDEV: a remote image could lead to problems with sometimes-there porno images, depending on what people show on their cams...the e2 policy stands, and that will make it harder to enforce

03:50: wonko says EDEV: It all comes down to how much we trust high-level noders...

03:53: anotherone says EDEV: How 'bout just a superdoc with people's webcams? a portal type thing?

04:33: JerboaKolinowski says EDEV: re: trust: have we had problems with highleveller's homenode pics? dealt with them? successfully?

07:39: Eraser_ says EDEV: maybe make a yet higher level power the ability to do an external image? (while leaving the local image intact for those w/o webserver services)

13:51: The Cow says EDEV: re: pornocam - it'd be fairly easy to make a script to autoupload a camera image, I would have thought...

16:08: Eraser_ says EDEV: the_cow: it would be really simple, it's just that actually making the server send a IMG tag for a remote server makes it one step easier...

18:25: Byzantine says EDEV: Er, am I just missing it, or is there no longer a link to add things to one's Personal Nodelet?

18:27: atesh says EDEV: Nodelet: Either your nodelet is full, or you've got an empty space in your nodelet. Check your preferences. Mine is working fine.

18:30: Byzantine says EDEV: My nodelet is not full, as confirmed by going to User settings and adding a new link there. It may, then, be a theme problem, so I'll bug ailie about it (I like the new ekw theme)

20:00: m_turner says EDEV: I've seen a bug with the personal nodelet (that I can't quite reproduce). It sporaticaly seems to add 'empty' sets to the link list. Removing those empty ones may make it atleast partialy empty once again.

20:09: gnarl says EDEV: the bug is removing a bookmark that isn't the last one. you need to move a bookmark filling the last space into an empty space. it's been the only way i can get around it.

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