A web site that sued the art site Etoy, who was incidentally there first. Conveniently for eToys, the suit lasted approximately the duration of the Christmas season.

As part of their progression towards the zen of being fucked, eToys announced the closure of their UK operations (at www.eToys.co.uk) on December 29, 2000.

The announcement was followed by a half-price sale on all goods (yes, including Pokémon stuff, consoles and that neat new Lego), which caused an online shopping frenzy. Thousands of people who would never think of shopping at eToys poured into the site, as the closure and half price sale were both mentioned on the national news.

By Jan 4th, most of the site was picked clean. I mention that date, because that's when I finally heard about it and thought I'd pick up a £70 Dreamcast. Curses. The store will be taken offline on January 19, 2001, never to return.

I hope eToy buy the domain and put up a page simply saying "Har har."

Timber! February 26, 2001, eToys is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The website (www.etoys.com) will apparently be shut down within the week. Keep eyes peeled for a ridiculously cheap last-shout sale, although it's possible all stock will go to recievers. Farewell, eToys; you probably won't be missed.

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