Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century

"Just as ordinary corporations are solely and entirely machines to increase their shareholders' wealth (often to the detriment of culture and life) so ®TMark is a machine to improve its shareholders' culture and life (sometimes to the detriment of corporate wealth). "

®™ARK (pronounced "ArtMark") are a cool group of highly connected culture jammers well-versed in the art of the corporate veil. Organized to emulate the loophole-seeking, accountability-dispersing corporate structure, the prime movers behind ®™ARK remain a closely-guarded secret.

®™ARK are responsible for bringing you projects such as:
The etoy Fund
The Presidential Exploratory Committee
Deconstructing Beck
Phone in Sick Day (Mayday)
The Secret Writer's Society hack
Popotla vs. Titanic
Barbie Liberation Organization
SimCopter hack
The Zapatista Floodnet
The Threat of Millennium

®™ARK's endeavours are funded by ®™ARK's own set of mutual funds including the following:

  • The Frontier Fund (DJ Spooky, manager)
  • The Education Fund (Brigitte Schmidt, Corporate University International, manager)
  • The Labor Fund
  • The Health Fund
  • The Media Fund (Andrei Codrescu, manager)
  • The Intellectual Property Fund (Negativland, manager)
  • The Biological Property Fund (Jacqueline A Stevens and Critical Art Ensemble, manager)
  • The Corporate Law Fund
  • Emerging Communications Fund (Rick Prelinger, manager)
  • The Net Fund (Rhizome and, manager)
  • The Magic Christian Fund (Nile Southern, manager)
  • The High Risk Fund (Heath Bunting, manager)
  • The Environment Fund

®™ARK are actively seeking investors (people who can bring skills, work, or capital support to one of their many current projects). If you are interested, order the ®™ARK promotional video, Bringing It To You, or read more on their website at

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