• high school locker

  • test on sharks, first question "a shark's weight is equivalent to the weight of how many other animals?" I contest the question, what animals? how much do they weigh? and the teacher screams.

  • he had jumped into the pool after me and I stabbed him in the chest and he sank like a stone, eyes open, surprised. Not dead yet. I stabbed him again and again and it was like the knife was going into soft cheese. No blood, no death, and he could not believe this was happening.

  • Another one after me, I ran toward the building, toward the outside welcome desk. Just let me hide under the desk, at your feet. I bullied her into it. Pulled a blanket in front of my face. I will be safe here. But I wouldn't be, and really I knew it. he knew where I was, he always knew.

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