Running through a giant PVC pipe in the ground near a very rural town near where I grew up.. Dripping and dripping of water from above. Someone drops a gun. I smell cheeseburgers.

We continue running and come to the light at the end of the tunnel and there is an old blue car there. Two of us throw ourselves in the trunk and the others get in the car like normal. (Perhaps we are being chased down?)

They take us to my parents house.. when we get out, I am the only one left and there is a crazed lunatic in the kitchen trying to shoot people with guns that have no ammunition.

He points a pistol at me and fires, although this gun was loaded. I moved to the right and the bullet missed me and bounced off of the wall. I picked it up and it was an enormous bullet.

Being rather pissed off, well as angry as one could become after being shot at, I ran to retrieve my fathers AR-15 (clone), slapped in a clip and emptied it into the crazed lunatic. Had to kill that man before he killed my parents. As the crazed lunatic fell to the ground, he disappeared and there was nothing left but bullet holes in the wall.
  • they wanted to kill me and her too but she was more vicious and less afraid. How can I defend myself? Can I stab this little boy, though he is fanged and vicious? Coming up the stairs after me, into the attic, whirling

  • I kissed him and kissed him and could not get close enough to his face to satisfy me, I touched the back of his head

  • that man is not our father but we have to stay with him or we will die. All night the crazy staircase with no top and no bottom swung into darkness. Suspended above the earth, so much noise rising from earth even at night, but we would learn to sleep through it.

    I offered this man a candy for his sickness, and he cried.

  • My letters meant nothing to my parents, discarded. Pages and pages of stickers, too many to carry, too many stupid nail polish bottles to fit in my hands, nothing to carry them in. I needed to get to the scanner but there was too much crap piled on top.

  • Watching anime and then I was her, this tiny girl swinging from the ropes and the crow's nest, short skirt and no panties, wind up my ass. Dad says, it excites your mother to watch.
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