I'm flying on an airplane (commercial). We're zooming around the skies and I decided, since it's not a full flight, to sneek into first class. I think the crew probably notices me, but doesn't care (because it's not a very full flight, I assume). Then our engines, or something, give out, and we plummet towards the ground, and land in the middle of town (I note that this area, where we have just crash landed, is probably a suburbs of some kind). Strangely, enough, our momentum keeps the plane moving rather fast, and we drive around town in the jet, as the pilot tries to not hit anything. We continue to terrorize the streets of this town for maybe 20 minutes (and I also note that the plane is taking relativly little damage, despite of all this). When the plane finally does stop, we're in front of the house I used live in several years ago. "Perfect", I think, and grab a box of pizza, and head for the door. As I enter the house, I shout "Pizza's here!"

Oi.. so.. I was at a wedding, my best friend was getting married. I was sitting there with my family. She and her "man" were exchanging these heartfelt vows they wrote themselves. After that, I stayed and there was another wedding. It was my ex. He was marrying some model. The vows were read to them, and they both looked bored. I saw him after the ceremony and he hugged me and told me I looked great. Then he slipped a hotel room key in my pocket, and whispered, "Later I will be there, with you, the one I really love.. you know this is just for show".. then I woke up.

I woke from my nap, the fone rang.. my friend called to tell me my ex was on NBC.. Why is my ex on my TV?

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