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I checked my e-mail, and there was a sawed-off version of an old 5 1/4" diskette sleeve, with a note in it - that was my e-mail. There were three notes, but I grabbed one of them, for I'd been waiting all day to hear from this person, whose name was stamped on the outside of the sleeve. I took the note out of its sleeve, and it was several long pages, stapled together, with writing on both sides. One of the later pages looked like it was torn out of Everything, with a rectangular hole where the text-entry field would have been, and the colors of the classic theme water setting. I kept thinking, "How am I supposed to reply to this?"

Since I'm Insomnia Boy tonight, I will try to provide further info. I wasn't expecting a sort of Spanish Inquisition. Racaille, we're Bible-believin' people here in Kennesaw, 'n we don't go in fer this sort o' psychic friends networkin' stuff, but, since ye askt so nicely 'n all... (TWAJS)

I was checking my e-mail at a "computer", possibly in a hotel. My normal mind expects to see Netscape on the monitor display, doing its thing, checking for new messages and downloading them if there are any there. But the image in the dream was of a little carousel, with my three notes on them. I ignored the other two, and grabbed the one with the (female, very, very special) person's name on it. Since I was travelling alone, it was important to me to hear from her, to have some sort of contact with her, in lieu of being face-to-face.

I accepted the note as "e-mail", but also recognized it as paper, so there was the dilemma of not knowing how to reply, since there was no Netscape button (no Netscape, for that matter) that would hand me her text, quoted, in a Compose window for the reply. This is what made all this interesting enough for me to want to node it. (YMMV) It wasn't a matter of needing help with an interpretation.

(Timewise, this dream took place during a one-hour nap, approximately 0100 GMT on the 14th).

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