The Man is tall, bald, gaunt, wears black, parents call him Doctor I have a couple friends in this story, felicia, and, ben, who is a traceur. I know about the doctor, here, but I cannot place him anywhere in the first half of the dream. He, like his essense or his spirit, is in certain people who I meet, but never twice in the same person.

I don't remember my name. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Something, but it isn't Rugg. I am not Angela.

I am hanging out at ben's parents' house, eventually they are having a party, they are all hanging around, I want to talk to ben more. It's a bunch of aging hippies, we go for a parkour round the lake. There is a lake in the back of the big expensive house, that we sometimes go to to talk, or run.

Rewind. At the same time as the above event, I was invited, my parents come over too for this party. My dad says nothing, my mom keeps looking around and I realise there are bongs and pipes, they are giving each other gifts of paraphenalia, and everyone is smoking. There is my female friend in the scene as well. My mother starts crying. I realise that in this life, she hates pot.

Everyone leaves the house, parents and I are here alone, then we go back to our house. I go back with my father, we do not speak. It is a smallish house, but very clean, and white. The wood is old, but well painted. The carpets, wiring, furniture is new. My mother and the girl come back later, I am in the upstairs room and they are yelling at me from downstairs. My mother is still crying.

I am sitting in an empty bathtub. Something happens, an explosion, but without noise or light. I feel it, sense it, but everyone else is oblivious. The world shifts.

We are in another life, my parent are slightly different, same roles, but commpletely different demeanor, body, fasion. I can't quite remember the old world, but I can grasp at a touch. I begin to start seeing, remembering things from the other life, the man they call a Doctor is there sometimes, dressed in blak, i keep remembering halfway. I'm introduced to felicia, she has red/brown hair, catlike eyes. She's a traceur as well.

They think I'm crarzy, and this DR has been double billing himselfas a shrink who deals intimately with people with dimensionality and personalityy issues. I know that he is from the other world.Sudenly I know that everything in thie world is on a difrent level than I am. I also know that the dr, “snake” knows how to play in that world, and that I don't. We enter the exam room, me an my two parents,

He tells us he'll be with us in a moment. My mother tells mt to undres, though there is no gown on the examining table, my dad draw the blinds over the large glass window, but does not close the exam room door. The room is white, the table is at the far end of the room, on the short wall. I fold my clothes onto it. I now now he's here to tset me. He comes out of the office, and stands at the far end of the room from me.

He talks to my parents and they freeze up a little. He asks them questions and says “no” after every answer. A couple questions, they answer and Iinterrupt with a firm “No!” before he gets the chance. This seems to please him. I am shocked at myself, fir sidingwith him oer my parent, for agreeingwith him, but mostly for knowing, deep down that he is correct.

He asks me rapid-fire questions and I answer them, he seems satisfied with my responses, I ask him questions and the answer is always no. He throws things at me, and I dodge, catch, play, I remember smashing something startight through the floor, so i try it and it works. Suddenly i am very fast, and my fists/kick land very sure. Now I am fighting his “minions” for lack of a better wrd, but I notice that they are people who called me friend up until recently. I don't feel empathy for their vapid mones. I see flashes in my memory of Ben, and his gentle and calm advice.

And then Felicia is here, head minion, Felicia is striped now, with red-orange-gold, hair and face, dressed scantly in leather, and she has claws. She is attacking me, but I easily deflect her abloes I bash my foot into the side of her belly again, but intead of looking hurt, she freezes. Snake look at me. My mind's voice is telling me two things. Number one, We're the same kind. Number two, He's not as strong as you.

“my god, how an you be so Conscious!”

We are hand in hand for the dance, head to head, he is glaring at me. I tell him “This woul be so much easier if you were still invisible, I mean, then I could close my eyes and feel the flow. “ He laughs.

I point at my “parents” and friends and as k if he can make them disappear at least, they are catatonic now, frozens in place. The answer is no.

“Can I take off these safety glasses?” No.

“Can I close this door?” No.

We circle the floor, memories start coming back to me, knowledge, truth, like a flood, I start to understand what is real and what is not, and i starts to feel like his intention is not to test me anymore, but to...teach me, end more than that, to learn from me.

He says “This is going to get interesting.”

There the dream ends, not fast like a regular dream, but slowly, teasingly, taunting me that I could stay in REM for just 5 more minutes, just to see the reknitting of this schism.

My skin was prickly waking up, and as the dream faded, it was replaced by a color between lavender and blue, maybe almost mauve under neath, shifting and melding, I kept a buzz under my skin,and it is just fading now.

I replaced my spelling errors using softlinks, because I wanted to preserve them. Capitalization and miscapitalization is intentional.

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