This entry in early editions of Merriam-Webster's New International Dictionary, Second Edition (NI2) is defined as "density". This is the result of a note card that was intended to read "D. or d.", that is, that a capital or lower case d could be an abbreviation for density. Somehow it got misinterpreted as a word "dord", and somebody added the only conceivable pronunciation (rhymes with "board"), and eventually it made it into the dictionary in 1933. It survived into the next revision of the dictionary in 1939, but was removed from subsequent revisions. I have seen claims that "dord" editions are very rare and sell for up to $1000, but all evidence is to the contrary; about 10 years of its about 30 year print run were produced with the error, and while I've seen a couple examples on sale for such prices, I know of no actual sales of the dictionary much above $100, and many below.

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