The technological possibility of cloning raises many ethical and philosophical questions.

If communion wafers and sacramental wine literally become the flesh and blood of Christ when they transubstantiate in the mouth during communion, would it be possible to extract the DNA of Jesus from them at this point? Would it be possible to clone Jesus from this DNA?

Would it be possible to clone Jesus by extracting DNA from one of the Holy Relics that is said to contain some part of him (such as some of his blood)?

What would be the results of this cloning be? Would the child be at all divine?

There are also questions raised related to the influence of nature vs. nurture. Could the child become evil or selfish if his environment was wrong? Or would this question be a moot point due to divine influence?

Another question is whether simply the DNA would be sufficient to clone Jesus. Using only the DNA from the nucleus won't create an identical physical reproduction, as you're not also cloning the mitochondrial DNA that was passed to Jesus from the Virgin Mary. How much of a contribution of a person is from environment versus DNA from the nucleus versus the mitochondrial DNA passed to them from their mother?

The Second Coming Project claims to be trying to clone Jesus. Are these people serious, or is this a potentially offensive hack?

It's also worth noting that you could argue that each of us consumes 2 x 1011 atoms of Jesus every day.

I ask these questions as an agnostic. I don't have the answers to them, nor do I presume to have enough information to assert answers as the truth. I do not intend to offend.

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