The Second Coming Project is a not-for-profit organization who's goal is to make a clone of Jesus Christ. They say they must do this to save the world from sin and that the technology is available so there isn't a better time.

Their plan is to take a preserved cell from one of the numerous holy relics owned by churches which are said to be from Jesus. They will then place this cell into an unfertalized human egg. This zygote will then be implanted into a virgin girl's womb where it will develop like any other into a baby human. Their plan is to have this baby born on around December 25, 2001; the supposed date of the 2000th aniversary of when Jesus was first born.

Basically, through technology, these people want to initiate the rapture as it was predicted in the Bible. Once the rapture has taken place, Satan will rule the Earth for a period of time tormenting non-believers, etc., etc. I'm sure you know the story.

These people obviously don't know that the only thing they'll be cloning is a body (if they do get a viable cell from one of the supposed relics, that is). If they actually think they'll have the Jesus that was said to exist in the Bible, they will be sorely disappointed. You can't clone life experiences, memories, or any other part of our minds. If a baby is born from their zygote, it will be just like any other new born -- except with really old DNA that is supposed to be from Jesus.

Their snail-mail address is:

The Second Coming Project
P.O. Box 295
Berkeley, CA 94701

Web site at:

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