The Human Instrumentality Project is a concept from the anime series Neon Genisis Evangelion. It is an experiment that will bring human evolution to its next form.

Gendou Ikari is the designer of this project. Its goals are eccentric, and surreal. As the idea goes, mankind has evolved to its final stage, and will cease to change unless humans make it so. Originally humans were a lifeform made of pure energy, a single conciouness. It then evolved into its present form, which is individual, and isolated beings, that are scared to be alone, and missing something. The idea is to reunite the humans to create a pure energy source, where all minds are connected, and thinking together.

This idea is similar to the Human Augmentation Project, a project that would use computers to link thoughts and ideas together. It would use computers as a tool to enhance the human mind. This project was worked on by the original inventors of the internet, such as Vannevar bush, Ted Nelson, Vint Cerf, and Len Kleinrock.

This idea is also played with in Serial Experiments Lain.

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