Sanskrit word meaning awakened.

The Buddha Shakyamuni achieved enlightenment under the tree of awakening, known as the bodhi tree. Bodhi is a root in words referring to Buddhist notions, such as bodhisattva and bodhichitta

One of the two primary villains in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Bodhi is the leader of a guild that has been attempting to remove the Shadow Thieves from power that is secretly made up of vampires (which she, herself, is as well) and maintains a base of operations within old tombs beneath Athkatla's graveyard.

Warning: Spoilers for the Baldur's Gate II storyline contained below.

Shortly after freeing themselves from Irenicus' dungeon, the player character and his or her party receive an offer from Gaelan Bayle, a contact of the Shadow Thieves, to find Imoen and Irenicus after their capture by the Cowled Wizards. Bayle informs you that the price for this service is twenty thousand gold pieces. Once you have fifteen thousand gold pieces however, Bayle sends his nephew to fetch you so he can inform you that fifteen thousand gold will be enough. A servent of Bodhi's will also contact you at this point, informing you to meet Bodhi after dark within the graveyard. This meeting, if the player character choses to attend it, is the first encounter the PC has with Bodhi. She offers the same service as Bayle at the price of fifteen thousand as well. The PC can choose to work for one or the other; not both. Work for the Shadow Thieves and Bodhi's vampires will attack you on sight during the night on the streets of Athkatla. Work for Bodhi and the Shadow Thieves will attack you on sight. Each guild will ultimately want you to destroy the other.

Throughout the course of the game, much about Bodhi is learnt and the PC (and party) will engage her in combat on more than one occasion before finishing her off once and for all. Bodhi turns out to be the sister of Irenicus, the other primary villain of the game (and who isn't a vampire). Both had been elves of high regard in the court in Suldanesselar, an elven capital of sorts. Bodhi was determined to gain power from the Tree of Life and convinced her brother to make an attempt to get it. After disasterous results, the two were punished by being stripped of their status as elves. Given the lifespan of a human and denied any elven privileges, Bodhi willingly became a vampire in an attempt to regain her lengthy lifespan. When Irenicus needed prisoners to torture and kill to bring out the player character's "potential" as a child of Bhaal, the slain Lord of Murder, Bodhi supplied those prisoners with captured Shadow Thieves. Many Shadow Thieves were also lured into joining Bodhi's guild, only to unexpectedly end up as vampires.

When Irenicus removes the souls of Imoen and the player character to aid in regaining enough power to strike back against the elves, he gives Imoen's soul to Bodhi and keeps the player character's soul for himself. Upon finally defeating Bodhi and stabbing her helpless body with a wooden stake, Imoen's soul is returned to her. If the player character has made any significant advancement with any of the NPC romances, Bodhi will kidnap and transform that NPC into a vampire just prior to the final battle with her. The player character can reverse this process before it's too late if the PC has access to the abandoned temple of Amaunator near the Umar Hills.

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