Since the process of achieving enlightenment cannot be scripted, Buddhism poems have long been used to epitomize the multitude, mystic, and indescribable ways of transcendence. There is no definitive practice that leads to Nirvana. Even the masters disagree. However, a Buddhism poem may stride a cord in you heart. Here is a poem by a monk in Tang dynasty (618-907) in China.
    My fishing line sinks in the lake,
    A thousand feet deep.
    One ripple followed by endless ripples,
    wakening the fish from asleep.
    The night is so quiet and water so cold,
    no fish is interested in taking a bite.
    I enjoyed the tranquility, and
    come back with a boatful of moonlight.
Here is another one
    I sit alone besides the candlelight,
    All day long, all thoughts out of sight.
    I make no effort to fend off desires,
    My mind crystal clear, there's nothing inside.
Here is one by me :-)
    My body is the Bodhi guitar
    My heart the enlightening string
    A touch by the wonder hand
    Forever, music in the wind

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