A UK derogatory term for a particularly mean women. Not as bad as cunt, but better than bitch. as in "that silly bint forgot my pineapple rings".

Can be conveniently blown off with a repart of "Wanker", wheras reacting to the cunt might will probably get you smacked by some other wanker

This word is probably related to the hebrew (and arabic(?)) banot (pron. "ban'oot") meaning woman... Although the Hebrew is not derogatory as far as I can see...

RST says we should look it up in Monthy Python and the Holy Grail:

"If I went around claiming I was Emperor just on account of that some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me up!"
Bint is the ordinary Arabic word for 'daughter', the feminine form of ibn or bin 'son'. It is also one of the words for 'girl', others being waladah and fataah.

It was probably picked up by British Expeditionary Forces in the Middle East in the First World War.

Current slang in the United Kingdom has picked up the word bint to replace girlfriend. If someone calls you their bint, you are likely dating or are at least very good friends. If a stranger calls you their bint..run away..far away..unless they're good looking. If you want to see this word in action you need only tune in to the Food Network and watch Oliver's Twist. He is often referring to his bint on the show.

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