An autonome is a person who regards herself belonging to autonomous movement. (I think that) the roots of autonomous movement are in Italy but nowadays the movement is considerably strong throughout the Europe, especially in Germany and Italy. It's quite impossible to define autonomes precisely without making illegal generalizations. Generally we could only say that an autonome is an antagonist subject; opposing the state and capitalist system. Also the vigorously non-hierarchical structure of organization is a defining character among the autonomes.
Autonomian movement has absorbed different characteristics from different countries and from the different continuations of social culture -- even though autonomes themselves would reject this kind of "weak sociology" in their own analyses.. In Italy they once called themselves communists but they were from non-stalinist tendency having close relations with anarchists. In Germany they are nowadays closely linked with Anti-Fascist Action. Some autonomes you were able to spot in Gothenburg, Sweden June 2001 with black masks and all..

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