An*tag"o*nist (#), n. [L. antagonista, Gr. ; against + combatant, champion, fr. : cf. F. antagoniste. See Antagonism.]


One who contends with another, especially in combat; an adversary; an opponent.

Antagonist of Heaven's Almigthy King. Milton.

Our antagonists in these controversies. Hooker.

2. Anat.

A muscle which acts in opposition to another; as a flexor, which bends a part, is the antagonist of an extensor, which extends it.

3. Med.

A medicine which opposes the action of another medicine or of a poison when absorbed into the blood or tissues.

Syn. -- Adversary; enemy; opponent; toe; competitor. See Adversary.


© Webster 1913.

An*tag"o*nist, a.

Antagonistic; opposing; counteracting; as, antagonist schools of philosophy.


© Webster 1913.

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