Witch Baby is a little, thin book by Francesca Lia Block. It's about a girl who doesn't know where she belongs because her mother isn't her mother and only one of her three fathers is her father (but she doesn't even know that in the beginning) and the boy she has a crush on likes her half-sister instead because she's small and blond and beautiful whereas Witch Baby is small and dark and has curly toes and snarly hair. So she embarks on a quest that takes her from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz and Hollywood to find her identity.

Boy, that Witch Baby is a proto-goth, if I have ever seen one.

Now I don't get to talk to a lot of young adult girls, but I get the sense that Witch Baby is the concensus favorite of the Weetzie Bat books among Francesca Lia Block fans.

The introduction:

Once, in a city call Shangri-L.A. or Hell-A or just Los Angeles, lived Weetzie Bat, the daughter of Brandy-Lynn and Charlie Bat. A genie granted Weetzie three wishes, so she wished for a Duck for her best friend Dirk McDonald, "My Secret Agent Lover Man for me," and a little house for them all to live in happily ever after. The wishes came true, mostly. Dirk met Duck Drake and Weetzie met My Secret Agent Love Man and they all lived together. When Weetzie wanted a baby and My Secret Agent Lover Man didn't, Dirk and Duck helped her, and Cherokee was born. My Secret was angry and went away. He stayed with Vixanne Wigg for a while, but he loved Weetzie so much that he returned. One day Vixanne left a basket on the porch of the house where Weetzie and My Secret Agent Lover Man and the baby, Cherokee, and Dirk and Duck all lived. In the basket was Witch Baby and this is her story.

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