"Love is a dangerous angel." One of the many great lines from the Weetzie Bat young adult books by this author. I can't characterize her books by comparing them to others, because it just doesn't work. They are some kind of magical realism, though, not really urban fantasy. Funky punk and cool, possibly even if you're not 13 anymore either. Block invents words and phrases with lovely abandon. She's responsible for slinkster cool, glam-slam and any number of other great phrases.

Titles include, in no order whatsoever:
- Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys
- Dangerous Angels
- Ecstasia
- Girl Goddess #9
- Primavera
- Weetzie Bat
- Witch Baby
Francesca Lia Block is an amazing writer whose books are very well-received by the young adult community. However, they are not geared *only* toward older younger readers; they are beautiful and poetic and have something for all ages, even if they are marketed mostly to a "young adult" audience. I started reading and liking her material when I was already in college, for instance, and she does also write some adult material, such as her erotic short stories book, Nymph. If you like to step into an alternate world, into a world hauntingly like our own but where magical things happen, a world that is really just our own with the magic revealed, then you would like her work. She is responsible for the following masterpieces:

    Short stories:
  • "Blood Oranges" (unpublished)
  • "Safe Love" (published in Seventeen magazine)
  • "The Box" (published in anthology Trapped! by Lois Duncan)
  • "Winnie and Tommy" (originally published as "Winnie and Cubby" in Girl Goddess #9, published again in anthology Am I Blue? by Marion Dane Bauer)
  • "Blue" (originally published in Girl Goddess #9, published again in anthology When I Was Your Age)

Ms. Block also has two books of poetry that are unavailable to the dirty public such as myself: Moon Harvest and Season of Green. They were published by small presses and that's why they're so unavailable. Ms. Block was a teenager when they were published. She wrote a nonfiction book with another author about how to make zines as well.

In any case, her other books come highly recommended for anyone who enjoys mainly realistic fiction but doesn't mind a touch of spice or pixy dust once in a while.

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