"Windhaven" is a science fiction novel by George R. R. Martin, written in collaboration with Lisa Tuttle. The novel was first published in 1981, although two sections of it appeared in Analog magazine in 1975 and 1980.

The planet Windhaven is a lost colony, settled by humans after the crash of their starship. The settlers discover that it is possible to fly on their new world, due to the light gravity and dense atmosphere, and using the almost indestructible materials of their starship. Since the planet consists of numerous small islands, and the seas are monster-infested, the only means of communication is the society of flyers who carry messages from island to island.

Windhaven tells the story of Maris of Amberly, the daughter of a fisherman who tries to enter the extremely traditional and family-based society of flyers. She proposes that flyers would be chosen based on merit, rather than family lines, so that the best would be able to fly.

This novel is a great early example of the talent of George R. R. Martin, who recently became immensely popular with "A Game of Thrones" and its sequels.

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