And it will be mostly my own fault, because I have disregarded any and all warnings, because I chose not to heed common sense, and I chose not to use a safety rope, and I decided it was once and for all and all the way.

Happy or bust, and I meant it, and mean it still, and aimed for it, and aim still, and struggled and struggle still. All or none and I haven't quite all but I've more than none and still, I've only just begun.

When I fall, it will be fast and sure, because this is the way I have decided to do things, with strength and finality. It will be my own foolishness, for having chosen this as my folly.

Those who aim for perfection are more likely to fall, and I knew this going in, and I knew this going up, and I knew this plodding on, I knew that sure as day I will fall, and I will fall fast and hard.

When the highs are high, the lows are real low and this profundity dances 'cross my teleprompter as often as does the other line, the one that tells me I will fall fast and hard and final.

Port Cain
Planet Osiris


At first they came as just whispers, stray thoughts whipping past in the stiff wind. We paid them no heed, less any fear. We never knew that they were coming for us until it was too late.

Eventually the colonists began to die in their sleep.

We came to this city to make our exodus, but the ships were already gone, taken by ones with more sense than we. We thought perhaps the most rotten hellhole on the planet might keep the bastards at bay. For a while it started to look like we were right.

At sunset we saw them, glittering like fireflies, bearing down across that cold, dark plain. They'd come for us, the last in all the world.

At dawn they will be upon our gates. We will stand tall, but no one ever teaches you how to fight your dreams.

This is not a call for rescue. There is no one left to save.

When we finally fall, it will be fast and sure.

-- Lt. Col. John Pasos, 30th Legion

End transmission

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