This is Jimmy, full of blood.

No one saw me in the sky. I fell, like many things fall, my body burned away in moments. No one happened to be looking. Thousands of stones fall on any world every day, most of them unnoticed, dissolving in screaming streaks of fury. No one saw me.

I fell in the sea, and no one saw me for a thousand years. It was cold in the sea, and I was afraid, for a while, for something else. Not for my self. That is all I remember.

And we were angry. I remember that.

And so I lay there, for a long time. A very long time. So long, in fact, that I forgot I was still there. One day, I remembered I could have a body, and could go somewhere. I had no reason not to, so I did. I stole matter from the sea, split up molecules, fusing atoms to produce rarer elements, and I built myself a body. Naked metals clothed again, I walked out of the sea. That didn't take very long at all.

I walked from the sea, and all of the people were gone. I didn't remember anyone, but it wouldn't have done anybody any good if I did. Cities were piles of rubble, towns were dust. I looked up in the sky, and I felt cramped with the ground beside me, and alone with this great void above. There was no smell.

All at once, I recognised the sky for what it was. I had almost forgotten the instincts buried in me. This was the sky. You walked beneath it, and above the ground. I felt like I would fall through the very soil if I didn't keep moving. Still, the sky seemed somehow empty.

I walked for a long time, from nowhere to nowhere, from rubble to ruin. At last, I came across a huge wall of rusting metals and broken ceramics stretching across the horizon. I knew, more than I knew anything at all, more than I knew that this rotten world lay beneath my feet, I knew this thing. It was broken, burnt, rotten and dead, and it was a place that held my heart. And this was why the sky was empty.

I ran to it. I ran with all the speed I could find, joints squealing and limbs groaning. In seconds I had crossed from the rim of that valley to the basin, and I was struck still at the fringes of the wreckage. It held my heart, yes, in it's girders like bones. I searched for a recognizable feature that I could point to and say "this was such a place". I searched for a name, a friend, a loved one, an enemy who I could say "they lived there" or "I met them here". There were none. It was all crazed decay and dust.

I looked at the wall, down to my left and down to my right, towering above me still, and I knew it. "Ring," I said to it. "Ring, you must live."

Well, it didn't.

"Ring," I screamed at the sky, where the true ring must still hide, where they must still live in their cold, dark, spinning dreams. "I killed for you!"

No one replied, and I left.

As to some lovely temple, tenantless

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