We shook hands, and we both pretended like it meant nothing. It felt strange to touch her cold dry hands again. Barely over two years ago, we were so much in love it hurt. Today, there was nothing between us but this.

Back in the time of our relationship, every touch was significant. Every word meant something. Every gesture, every breath; It was all important. Everything has changed.

It hurts me to see her this happy. I remember the same gleam in her eyes when she was with me. I remember the joy in her voice as we spoke back then; now replaced by these flat, mellow tones. It was all so wonderful then. I never thought I would miss her.

The memories of she and I together flooded in like a monsoon sweeping across the Japanese seaboard. Hit me just as hard, too. I wanted to be with her again. I wanted to feel with her, what I had felt with her once before. I knew, however, this would not happen. I asked her how her life was going, how her mother was doing, her sister, her brother, her neice, and even her dog. She queried me to the same extent.

"Price check, produce, 1102!"

The moment was interrupted by the sounds that we came to this place expecting to hear.

We shook hands once more. Still pretending nothing had ever taken place between us.

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