Friday night at the arcade, twenty bucks worth of tokens in my pockets. First up, Motocross. I lean left and right, body English for no particular good reason. Kids come by, look at my score and go Duuuuuuuude! , then scurry off in search of friends. It could be a perfect night, until she shows up.

Hiya, Casey. It's Cindy, and she's in her trolling outfit-crop top and bright pink vinyl sweat pants. I ignore her, staring straight ahead. She leans against my shoulders-Watcha doin' ?
"I'm doing surgery on a wildebeast, whatsit look like? "
She is so dense.
Wanna go do some shopping? I got some gift certificates for Fredricks.
Again, I try to ignore her. If I cared less I would evaporate.
Awww, c'mon Casey, let's go do something fun!
"Hey," not turning around, "one of us IS doing something fun."
Do I have to draw a picture?

Aww, you said we could maybe go out or something, can't we go get some pizza or something?
"Nope. Go 'way. "
She is still behind me, but not talking anymore. I keep waiting, throw two more tokens in the machine and wait.
Her voice again, fingernails on chalkboard, How 'bout after this game? Still sounding hopeful, eager.
"No, not at all. No. Nada. No. Go away. "
Finally, she walks away. Finally.

Hey, I've got this aloof thing down pat. When she comes back tommorrow she'll buy me dinner and give me a ride across town. It's like I tell my younger brother, this is too easy.

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