Wellesley is an extremely affluent greater Boston suburb. The town hosts miles and miles of houses with an average sale value of over $847,00 houses.

US 2000 census data notes that Wellesley's population is fairly young at average age 37 and with a full 25% of the town's 26,000 population being under the age of 15. The town has 423 African Americans, but 1700+ Asian Americans. The town's median income is about $113,000. This includes the near-zero levels of the youth population.

Wellesley is host to Wellesley College, a small-to-mid sized top-tier Women's liberal arts college, and Babson College, a small private business school which is recognized worldwide for its entrepreneurship program and innovative curriculum (n.b. I'm biased).

The town is home to many small boutique shops which cater to high-income spenders. Examples are the three specializing expensive rug stores and the Cheese Shop. It is also the home of Saint Moritz Sports, the original Ski Market store.

Wellesley was the historical home of many notable figures, from Ben Franklin to Sylvia Plath. I've heard that Ray Kurzweil also has a house here, but I'm not certain.

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