An alphanumeric code used by some postal services to identify addresses more simply. The US uses the five digit Zip Code while Canada uses an alphanumeric six caracter code of the form A1A 1A1 (where A represents any letter and 1 represents any digit).

Canadian Postal Code specifications:

The first segment (A1A) is called the Forward Sortation Area or FSA, the second segment (1A1) is called Local Delivery Unit -- LDU.

The first letter of the FSA is as follows:

The middle digit of the FSA is also used to distinguish between an urban X(1..9)X or rural X0X postal code.

The third letter of the FSA is a further geographical subdivision of the codes listed above.

An complete urban code resolves to one side of a city block (even/odd addresses), one building or one large organisation. A rural code designates a post office serving one or more villages and surrounding counties.

The special code H0H 0H0 designates Santa Claus' post office (it is not part of the Greater Montreal Area)

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