Motion picture released 1990, directed by Whit Stillman, screenplay also by Whit Stillman.

A clutch of preppy New York college boys and girls spend way too much time and energy looking for what will most certainly fulfil them, and talking all the time.

Stillman's first film, wordy, very entertaining for the sharp-of-ear.

An addendum to simonc's node

Written between 1984 and 1988, the film is largely autobiographical. Stillman's character is the young Princeton socialist Tom, who falls in love with one of the debutantes. He originally goes to a deb ball to see what it is he disagrees with.

In the film Stillman first introduces the term urban haute bourgeois or UHB as an alternative term to preppie or yuppie. The picture also earned Stillman a best original screenplay Oscar nomination.

Met`ro*pol"i*tan [L. metropolitanus: cf. F. m'etropolitain.]


Of or pertaining to the capital or principal city of a country; as, metropolitan luxury.

2. Eccl.

Of, pertaining to, or designating, a metropolitan or the presiding bishop of a country or province, his office, or his dignity; as, metropolitan authority.

"Bishops metropolitan."

Sir T. More.


© Webster 1913.

Met`ro*pol"i*tan, n. [LL. metropolitanus.]


The superior or presiding bishop of a country or province.

2. Lat. Church.

An archbishop.

3. Gr. Church

A bishop whose see is civil metropolis. His rank is intermediate between that of an archbishop and a patriarch.



© Webster 1913.

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