Babson is a small private business school with undergraduate, graduate, and private executive education courses. It is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The school is recognized internationally for leading the study of entrepreneurship, and has also recieved much recognition for its extremely innovative undergraduate curriculum.

This includes the Foundation Management Experience, in which all Freshman students plan and execute, using school capital, small businesses, liquidating them at the end of the year, and donating the proceeds to charity.

Additionally, the interdisciplinary Intermediate Management Core is recognized for its all-encapsulating study and hands-on approach. By the end of a Babson education, most students will have solid experience managing, consulting, investing, and more. Noteable advanced programs include Management Consulting Field Experiences, in which companies or non-profits hire Babson students to consult on specific problems (usually marketing- or IT-oriented), and the Babson College Fund, in which students manage a sizeable chunk of the school's endowment in an all-equity portfolio.

Babson has been criticised both internally and externally for its lack of a 'life' on campus. Many people leave the school on weekends, and historically, there is rarely much going on that isn't business-oriented.

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