Five Iron Frenzy is a ska band from Denver, CO that started in 1994. In their first few months of existence, they booked 60 shows for themselves and soon caught the attention and were signed by 5 Minute Walk Records in Concord, CA. Five Iron Frenzy has five full length albums, one EP, have been featured on numerous compilations, and have released 3 seven inches, one independently, one on 5 Minute Walk, and one on Asian Man Records. The lyrics of their songs range from silly to serious to political to praising God. Their awesome live shows are full of energy and crazy costumes.

It's Funny, but Not Very Creative - 1996
Upbeats and Beatdowns - LP -1996
Our Newest Album Ever - LP - 1997
Brad is Dead - "7 - 1998
M.G. of A. Present Five Iron Frenzy - "7 - 1998
Quantity is Job 1 - EP - 1998
Five Iron Frenzy LIVE "Proof that the Youth are Revolting" - 1999
All The Hype That Money Can Buy - LP – 2000
Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo – LP - 2001

Dennis Culp - Trombone
Nathanael "Brad" Dunham - Trumpet
Keith Hoerig - Bass
Sonnie Johnston - Guitar
Jeff "The Girl" Ortega - Sax
Micah Ortega - Guitar
Reese Roper - Lead Vocals
Andrew Verdecchio – Drums

Unreleased songs:
Burn - Early (pre Upbeats And Beatdowns) song.
Mama Mia - From Minature Gold Courses of America Present Five Iron Frenzy 7" on Asian Man Records.
Marty - From Brad Is Dead 7".
You Gotta Get Up - Cover of Rich Mullins song, on the BEC Recordings's comp Happy Christmas.
Kamikaze - Recorded for Electric Boogaloo, not put on album because of 9/11. On the pre Electric Boogaloo demo.
Dog Food - Recorded for Electric Boogaloo, not put on to keep album short.
Fairwell To Arms - Recorded for Electric Boogaloo, not put on to keep album short.
Four Kids In Memphis - "Silly" version of I Still Like Larry recorded for the upcomming "silly" album.
Never Ask - "Silly" version of I Still Like Larry recorded for upcomming "silly" album.
Rhubarb Pie - "Silly" version of Ugly Day recorded for upcomming "silly" album.

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