A punk band from Seatle that formed in 1993. When they first started their name was Magnified Plaid, but that was changed when one of them showed up in a shirt they had made with just the initials M.P. The periods were little x's and thus MxPx was born. (iandunn says he heard Yuri would sign posters and stuff with the periods being little x's and that is where it came from, the rumor I wrote up I got from their website some time ago I can't verify either story, I wasn't there.) They were on the Tooth and Nail Records label for a long time. Their biggest song to date is probably Chic Magnet off Life in General.

The band: Mike Herrera (vox, bass), Tom Wisniewski (guitar), and Yuri Ruley (drums).

They are pretty cool and have been gathering a good following. While they guys are Christians their music doesn't revolve around the subject (see Matt England's write up below for more on this). Most of their songs deal with youth and relationships.

Update: April 12, 2000 I saw these guys at The Galaxy here in St. Louis with The Hippos and Ghoti Hook. WOW! it was a good show. One of the best shows I've been to in a while. When MxPx took the stage they took command of the joint and it went wild. I had so much fun at this show. Even if I was probably the oldest person in the place that was there for the music.

The Ever Passing Moment -- A&M Records (2000)
At the Show -- Tooth and Nail Records (1999)
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (Bonus CD) -- Polygram International (1999)
Way of the Buffalo, Vol. 2 -- Import (1998)
Let It Happen -- Tooth and Nail Records (1998)
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo -- A&M Records/Tooth and Nail Records (1998)
Life in General -- Tooth and Nail Records (1996)
Teenage Politics -- Tooth and Nail Records (1995)
Polkinatcha -- Tooth and Nail Records (1995)
The Renaissance EP -- Fat Wreck Chords (2001)
Move to Bremerton -- Tooth and Nail Records (1996)
On the Cover -- Tooth and Nail Records (1995)
The have also appeared on various Tooth and Nails comps, Before You Were Punk, Vol. 2, Five Years on the Streets, and some other comps. Plus they have released many singles to fan club members including an annual Christmas Single. They have also had several 7" records with Tooth and Nail.

Back in 1997 Mike and Tom got together with Dale Yob (Ninety Pound Wuss, Slick Shoes, and Fanmail) and created an album under the name The Cootees called Let's Play House. It was just a fun experimental album that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Andy Husted, the original MxPx guitarist, performs backup vocals on The Renaissance EP.

Mike and Tom have an active side project called Arthur. (thank iandunn for reminding me of this)

I agree with Matt England, they are NOT a "Christian punk band." Why? IMHO, when you say "Christian <fill in the style> band" you imply certain things that the words don't say. Like being part of the CCM scene, the music revolves around the religion and not much else, they throw their religion around with a "holier than thou" attitude, and they sign everything with a bible quote. MxPx are none of these things, thus they are "Christians in a punk band."

"Christians in a punk band" not a "christian punk band". Very talented musicians who put on incredible live shows. Chick Magnet got a lot of radio play but I'm OK, You're OK is their most hooky song to date. Other great tracks include Never Learn, Christalena, Do Your Feet Hurt?, Move to Bremerton, and my personal fave, Set the Record Straight.

While it's true that a good deal of MxPx's lyrics have nothing to do with Christianity, they are indeed a "Christian punk band" rather than "Christians in a punk band". One doesn't have to look very far to see evidence of this in their lyrics. Here are a few random selections...

I'm looking for a girl who writes me songs and talks to Jesus all day long...

It's true we are a brotherhood and we all know it. Bonded by the son of God is how we live...

There's one thing left to turn to; it's not a girl and it's not the world. When everyone has their own thing, he's into you and he loves you too. He's what keeps me going when i'm afraid any my beds not made...

Been told once, been told twice he just won't listen to advice. It's in God's book but he don't wanna look...

You can run jump sit or stand around but not for long unless you've found Jesus Christ, God, Son and Sacrifice. Believe in him, he'll open up your eyes...

You already found the book with all the answers to all your questions. So take a closer look...

Now, having said all this... I'm a big fan of the guys myself, even though I consider myself to be atheist.

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