A tradition at Wellesley College. At the end of the school year seniors have a hoop-rolling race with old-fashioned wood hoops. The seniors run from Tupelo Point to Schneider while pushing the hoops. The first to finish has the honor of being thrown into Lake Waban, the lake on our campus. The winner being thrown in the lake has been a tradition since a Harvard man, dressed in drag, ran the race and won. The Wellesley women were so annoyed they dumped him in the lake.

The winner traditionally was the women who would be married first, but as time went on the winner was the person who would be the first CEO in her class. Now that Wellesley is becoming more politically correct and accepting of everyone's choices, the winner is the first to attain success, however she may define it.

The hoops from the race are signed and passed down from Wellesley big sister to little sister (another Wellesley tradition). My hoop is from 1984.

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