One of The Bonzo Dog Band, a fine all-round performer whose posho accent (an affectation) can be heard on many of their finest works, such as Rhinocratic Oaths, My Pink Half of The Drainpipe, Canyons of Your Mind, By a Waterfall and Big Shot just to name the first five to come into my head. After the Bonzos went their seperate ways, he worked on numerous solo projects, notably The Rawlinsons, a pet project that emerged in the form of a film, some LPs, and various radio pieces. (See Sir Henry at Rawlinson End)

Although he suffered from alcoholism/depression/valium addiction later in life, he continued to perform sporadically. He died in a fire in his home in 1995.

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Rose perhaps to his greatest fame as the grandstanding narrator in Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. (Yes, I'm sorry to say, it was not in fact Alan Rickman).

I was going to say considerably more about this fellow, but it appears fondue has sneakily gone back in time and one-upped me. DAMN YOU, FONDUE!

Observation: damn Fondue in write-up. Result: write-up is subsequently ching!ed by Fondue. Hypothesis: Must damn specific users, especially ones with lots of cools per day, more often to maximize their retaliatory cooling.

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