Singer, great songwriter, writer, actor. A one-time member of the The Bonzos, he also made appearances on Monty Python's Flying Circus. After that series ended, he and Eric Idle did a series called Rutland Weekend Television; a clip from RWT aired on SNL, about a band called The Rutles - it led to the successful Rutles LP and "mockumentary". Innes wrote and produced the music (as he did for RWT), and was the Lennonesque Ron Nasty.

From 1982 to 1986 Neil Innes was the star of 'Puddle Lane' – a TV series aimed at pre-school and primary age children. Neil played a forgetful old magician, who wears a purple star-spangled robe, a wispy grey beard and a pointed wizard's hat.

Neil's supporting cast were mainly puppets, including a steaming cauldron and a welsh 'spelldragon' called Toby. There was only one other human character 'Aunt Flo' played by the actress Kate Lee.

As well as performing the main character, Neil also composed all the music for the series.

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