Superior post-apocalyptic story by Harlan Ellison that got made into an ok movie. Boy and his mutant, telepathic, dog strive to survive in post-nuclear America. Boy meets girl and the usual complications arise, capped by a visit to an underground hell on Earth known as Topeka where the good citizens have a little survival problem of their own. Concluded with an ironic definition of good taste.

1975 film directed by L.Q. Jones (who makes a cameo as an actor in a porno film watched by the main character).

It is the story of a young man (Vic) in post-world war IV America who struggles for survival with his telepathic dog (Blood). Blood has the ability to sense females from a distance, which Vic takes full advantage of. Vic and Blood have a few encounters with cutthroats before Vic is lured into an underground city by a woman for the purposes of impregnating their women, as all of the men there have been somehow rendered impotent.

Has alternate title Psycho Boy and his Killer Dog. Running time is 91 minutes.

Cast includes:
Don Johnson as Vic
Susanne Benton as Quilla June Holmes
Jason Robards as Lou Craddock
Tim McIntire as Blood (voice)
Alvy Moore as Doctor Moore
Helene Winston as Mez Smith
Charles McGraw as Preacher
Hal Baylor as Michael
Ron Feinberg as Fellini
Michael Rupert as Gery (as Mike Rupert)
Don Carter as Ken
Michael Hershman as Richard

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