Vice City Public Radio, or VCPR, is one of the nine radio stations playing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It features only one show, Pressing Issues with Maurice Chavez.

Pressing Issues has three episodes, on "positive thinking", "morality", and "public safety". There are three panelists for each episode, interacting with each other in very weird ways.

The Bios:

Maurice Chavez: Maurice is the host of Pressing Issues. Used to be a clown six years ago, and is now climbing his way to success at six knots per hour. When he was a clown, he lacked self confidence. But now, with all of his "success" over the last six years, feels that he could do great things over the next six years. He also lives with his mother.

Pastor Richards ("Morality"): Plans to raise $50 million or more to build a giant statue to frown upon the degenerates of the land. If $300 million is raised, the statue shall rotate. Eventually, if enough money is raised, the statue will fly into space where everyone who is saved (by paying Pastor Richards off) will live in the company of other affluent people. In Richards' book (which is un-named), he proclaims that "intellectuals are the scum of the earth", "I appeal to idiots; if you place your faith in me, you won't have to think for your self!", and "If you support something that much, you should invest in it."
Pastor Richards: Shall I send him to hell, Maurice?
Pastor Richards: So what if I take some money out of the statue fund to build myself a palace in Hawaii? Is that immoral?

Concerned Mother ("Morality"): Works with Moms Against Popular Culture, or MAPC. "Or is it Map-k? Map-kuh? Maps?" Believes that her children should learn to cook from scratch - with a spear. Her father made her stay in a room with a spear and a pig and wanted bacon when he came back. She thinks that her children shouldn't spend five hours a day playing Degenatron (a game console) or see the latest slasher flick.
Barry: Everyone should just be naked. When you take a bath, you're naked-
Mother: When my children take a bath, they know to wear their proper bathing costume.

Barry the Nudist ("Morality"): He has been placed behind a divider for the dignity of other guests. Hasn't worn clothes since 1982. Has hopes to build a naked casino where old people can gamble in the buff, and poor people can lose hope.
Barry: Statistics show that the best families are the kind that stay home naked together.
Barry: Don't be shy. Everyone has one, that means I'm happy.

Jenny Louise Kraft ("Positive thinking"): Dosed up to the eyeballs on tranquilizers. Always maintains a positive image, no matter what. Rarely listens to VCPR ever since her radio was stolen when her foster parents were killed.
Maurice: You've had some bad things happen to you. How do you maintain such a positive image?
Jenny: Nothing bad has ever happened to me.
Maurice: Your parents were brutally slaughtered when you were three.
Jenny: Mommy? Where's mommy?! Mommy's fine, she's just taking a nap right now. *giggle* You're like my bad doll Mr. Livingston. Bad doll! Bad doll! My mom is fine, though. Thanks for asking!
Maurice: Wow. You're psychotic.
Jenny: If it's psychotic to be happy then I guess I am!

Self-help guy ("Positive Image"): He has a library of tapes that have every concept of self-help. Moving between mansions. Calls Constantinos "Thor". Has 5 chauffeurs.
Maurice: "You aren't a bigshot. You ain't even a mediumshot. You are an asshole."

Constantinos, the Goth ("Positive thinking"): Spends his weekends in the graveyard, but has an ambition to die so he can be there full time. Never goes outside unless it's raining or he needs milk. Hasn't seen the sun in 18 years. Wants to have a disease or be hit.

Alex Shrub ("Public Safety"): Elected in 1980; Vice City has had 15% better weather under his stewardship. Ensured tax breaks for gun retailers, and cut taxes 2%, or 25 cents per household. Was elected on a campaign to reduce taxes to 0. Reduced crime in Vice City by half, only if the graph is upside down.

John F. Hickory ("Public Safety") Dug 17 feet in an effort to remove Florida from the continental United States. Thinks that no one was born in Florida since 1863. Tries to build a river of "hope", and thinks the American pastime is digging. A truck to pull stuff, and a couch to think on is what he thinks makes a real man. Believes in the right to bear arms and the right to arm bears.

Calum Greyshaw ("Public Safety"): Grew hemlock in the back woods of Missouri. 23 years old. Went to Belize to help create an environmentally friendly coal mine.

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