Knots is a 'New Game' for about ten people (I don't know if it originated in the original New Games' Movement, but... ).

Everyone stands in a close circle, raises their arms and grabs the hand of someone across the circle from them (it's best if they don't look at whose hand they are grabbing). When every hand is holding another hand, the group must try and untangle itself into a circle (more or less) without ever letting go of a hand (some readjustment of grip might be necessary, though, to avoid broken wrists).

It's a great theatre game, as the whole group must work as a team: one person can't do the bossing about as no-one has an overall perspective. No-one can decline decision making either, as everyone has to move at some stage. But it doesn't have to be played in a theatrical context: it's a little like Twister, only without the daft spinner thing. It's the sort of game to be played when feeling energetic, athletic and well-disposed towards your fellows.

Need and desire
I never knew existed
A different sort of

My mind in knots
Knots on my mind

Slow to emerge
Slow to process
Slow to recognize
How deep that went

Left alone
Only for the moment
Tangled thoughts
Beating my heart
My heart beats faster

If you could have
Seen your self


Deep breath
Finding the present
Roots to the ground
We will soar again soon

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